About this Blog

There are but two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots, the other, wings.
Welcome to my journey searching for my roots and “just winging it” by allowing my mind to soar through the clouds of memories, creating life stories to share with you, friends, and family. I hope you find some connection to this eclectic life. If you can relate, learn, respond back, or pass on any life lessons you may gain by taking a moment to visit, then both of our lives are better for it.

What Do I Write About?
The deep piercing pain 
Of life.
Realizations that life as it's given
Is what you've got and 
No matter how hard you know you should change,
You won't
Until you want to enough.

The never-ending questions --
The open-ended questions --
The un-answered questions --

About lost voices in time
Untangling roots on a family tree.
Father gifts of proverbial sayings
That take a lifetime to comprehend.
The searing search to understand why
That sweet grandmother could once have been so insecure,
So erratic to choose her father over 
Her own child.

The changes in your body that
No matter how badly you
Want to enough, the cold hard
Fact remains like
Sidewalks shifting and stirring
From the growing earth and roots
Underneath until they crack by
Still recognizable but no longer the same.