My Labels

I am the heroine of my story as you are in yours. We shy away from thinking ourselves the “hero” because of the ego-pumping image it creates, but this journey through life does take each of us through all the archetypal passages. Ironically they do not follow a linear path and we may find ourselves back in an Ordinary World after going through a Series of Tasks or even facing what we thought was the Supreme Ordeal orShadow Realm. We have different Helpers along the way and we find ourselves searching for the Father Image or Lost Mother at different stages. We fight off Shape Shifters, Guardians of the Threshold, and our own Tragic Flaws every day. We also may need to stop at theWatering Hole at various times to re-group and re-adjust our thinking.Return and Rewards may come in the ultimate end, but I have already seen a few of these in my journey.  We visit all of these stages many times and in various ways to create the unique individuals that we become.

Suzanne's Amazing Auditory Adventure: I have added a new Label to record another part of my journey. While this adventure will still fit into the above categories, I separate them for those interested in finding the posts that deal specifically with my hearing loss and the decision to undergo simultaneous bilateral cochlear implants February 20, 2013.  I will be posting my thoughts as I prepare myself for a new life with a new way of hearing.