Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You Can't Get Away from It!

Okay, I just need a moment to vent a little.

      You just can't get away from the lack of money. It’s only those with it, who say money isn’t everything. Oh, I know it isn’t either, but it seems every time I turn around, the issue of its absence in my life rears its ugly head. We will have to survive on my tiny retirement, and we definitely are quite frugal in our lives, yet broken hot water heaters, balding tires, and kids who also seem to have the same affliction need help. And then the case of the IRS coming after me, albeit mistaken (or is it really stolen) identities where collection agencies send demanding letters threatening to ruin you if you don’t fork over $147,000.(eventually resolved, but still!!)
       The constant bargain hunting, coupon clipping, “want vs. need” cutting keeps me in the know that lack of money is ever present. And the news on TV…same thing. Every evening report has something about the economy slump, bottom out jobs, and stock droppings. They shovel out this crap into our living rooms every day. It’s almost as bad as the national mindset that growing old is a mortal sin, and no one should have sagging skin, graying hair, age spots. Of course that mindset just feeds the NoMoney Monster because that all costs, too. The news is just the tip of the iceberg. When it goes to commercial, the screen is flooded with advertisements for high priced prescriptions, perfect hair shampoo, ageless skin creams or discreetly buying your Depends through the mail. And to make it worse, that “beauty industry” has not slowed down meaning that even those without money will give up anything else to keep their tresses highlighted and their nails polished. And heaven forbid that people find out that the Baby Boomers need to hide their bladder incontinence.
   Magazines, community newspapers, flyers stuck in your front door all harp for services, and products to improve your face, your house, or your yellowing teeth. Very few things are regarding the necessities of life, only the extras. And the extras are what has to be cut out when you don’t have the money. You can’t get away from it.


  1. This is clever and the sad reality. Yet, we are still so blessed. I tend to be around people who are in denial about the economy, etc. At my 40 year reunion, some ladies looked like they were in their 30's. Face work. One even had a "fanny tuck". I recently had a colonoscopy - thank you, Father, for medical insurance. There was a woman next to me talking with her doctor about her breast implants and discussing how it is all "out of pocket" but she doesn't mind. Water heaters,tires and air conditioners breaking down in this summer heat, can make me depressed in a person who already deals with a mood disorder. Without faith, I'd be a raving maniac. Your piece is filled with wry humor and it's not lost on me. I didn't know I could order Depends on line. My husband recently held onto his job when more than half the company was let go. You touched on everything. Vanity. Thank God for high profile people like Isabella Rossellini who promote graceful aging, good works and simple hair cuts. I get mine at the local beauty school - $5. Kids are the true issue. Anytime we can help, we're happy to do it but it hurts our bottom line. Like you, we'll have enough but we are a lot more creative and daily ask ourselves about needs and wants. Kindle $1 books. Yeah. I am going to check all credit scores. We aren't in dire straits but I did sell a 12 place setting set of Lenox Holiday china. I am just not using it. Also, my Bernina Embroidery Machine - again, no longer used. It felt o.k. See, you are providing a community service with your blog! Please feel free to vent again! Have a safe and lovely trip. Blessings.

  2. Wants vs needs. It seems so simple but not so easy. My ego slips me up. I don't usually think twice when my grown children and grandchildren need something or when there is a cause asking for money. When the first voice in me tells me I need something for myself, I often need to listen for the second voice - of reason - who asks about wants and needs. I also have a lifetime of accumulated stuff of all kinds - keepsakes, furniture, wonderful books and music, good clothing, etc. I've been fortunate and had an aunt who taught me, it's best to have one thing of quality rather than five things that will fall apart. Last year, I was rabidly clipping on-line coupons and my computer got a nasty virus. The computer needed to be replaced. The geeks were able to show me where the problem started. I, too, still see the designer bags, the newest cell phones and beauty treatments on people I know can't pay for "necessities". This isn't a judgment. I'm simply a people watcher. It's fascinating. The girls who really warm my hearts are the very elderly ladies who go to the beauty college and get their once a week salon visit for about $5. Next, I see them at the grocery store visiting with their friends. Their baskets have modest amounts of healthy food and basics like Ivory Soap, a bag of apples, whole wheat bread, etc - and sometimes, a single slice of pie! Thank goodness, they are able to purchase what they need and a treat. On holidays, I see the baskets with other things and I like to think they're having company or going and taking a dish. I also know these same ladies break pills in half and conserve on climate control in their houses. If they're lucky enough to have their houses, they have the best vegetable gardens in town. They really make getting older and savoring the basics look fantastic. I can honestly say, as long as I can pay the basic bills, have things fixed when they break and be able to travel to see loved ones, I don't really "need" more stuff. If I continue to live right size, I can leave my children a nest egg and that is very important to me. I keep a ongoing written gratitude list on the kitchen counter. It keeps me half sane. e

  3. Your comments put worries and humor into words I could never find. I have anxiety over many things- many money oriented, such as identity theft and household emergencies. As I get older, I appreciate the things I always took for granted - a good book, a kind neighbor and a smile from a stranger. I take pleasure in cooking more simple meals rather the large meals when my children were at home and rather than going out. The incontinence issues are real!


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