Friday, April 6, 2012

From Mother to Son

I had given this poem to Chris once, and then more recently passed it on to my youngest, Sam.

 I made it through the colic days and the multiple stitch stage.
 I thought I could claim success. You have survived, and quite well at that.

With a great deal of encouragement from both your father and me,
but mostly a task of your own doing, you have grown into a fine young man.

As a mother, I can do so little now.
I look back and think the past was such a breeze.
 THIS is the time to try a mother’s soul.

But, without a doubt, without a faltering thought,
I will always love you.
Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood,
 I was the instrument that brought you to this world.
Your life is the reward of that sacrifice.

And what a wonderful reward you are!
I know deep in my heart and in the marrow of my bones
 that you will always treasure that “reward”
 by passing on to your family
 the same duty, honor, and love that has been given to you.

You know value.
And you are the most valuable thing you own:
A priceless asset, who I am proud to call my son.


  1. Obviously, devoted to each other. Lovely poem. What an example of unconditional love. Believe it or not, every parent isn't capable of this. Wonderful post.

  2. You write so much about your family, it's nice to have a picture of them. Your son, handsome, his family very sweet looking and you look radiant. I guess that's what our kids can do for us. Of course, when mine aren't o.k., I can look quite old... I have more difficulty dealing with their challenges now that they're older than when they were small. They are eveything to us, aren't they? Thank you for insight into another mom's path!

  3. You know it, Elise. We soar when they are happy and fall into the deepest sinkhole when we can do nothing to relieve their pain. Right now we are about to leave for the vet's to say good-bye to my daughter's cat. She inconsolable right now because this is her decision, one she has been dreading for quite some time. I'm helpless. More later.

  4. Oh my Goodness. I remember how kind you were when I lost my two girls last fall. I also remember your daughter's cat struggling last fall. I'll be thinking about all of you. Bless you. Maybe you and your daughter know the story of Rainbow Bridge?


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