Monday, May 28, 2012

A Quilt of Valor

I've been trying to wean myself from electronic devices because they have just invited more isolation from those around me rather than stay connected.  I was fearful that all this inward "acedia" as it may be was going to just sound like a pity party, and I didn't want this blog to turn into that, which seemed to be the path it was taking.  I have decided to make a move away from self-pity and just plain loneliness by turning my attention on to something/someone else. 

I have been hearing about the great organization that encourages people to make a quilt for a returning soldier. The requirements are quite quicky quilts, no tying, required dimensions, and it has to be quilted on a longarm! I don't have one, but I have a dear friend that does...3 hours away from here. So I am planing a great reunion with her in July for this.
Here's the plan...Today is Memorial Day. What a great day to start! Chris was born on Memorial Day and this year the date is the same as well.  I have been tear-y eyed all week anticipating the inevitable "Day." They say the hardest day for a mother who's lost a child is his birthday.   It's hard to put any day on a scale  because then there would be an "easier" day...ain't gonna happen.  Back to "The Plan" .... I want to have the top finished by the Fourth of July and have it ready to send off to the soldier by 9/11.

These dates have special meaning to just about every American, but they are especially poignant to me. Chris died on the Fourth of July, and when that horrible event of 9/11 happended we were just 10 weeks into mourning the loss of our boy.  The whole nation was forced into mourning, and I was angry that I was supposed to push aside my loss and join the nation. Besides, Chris wasn't a soldier, and his death seemed to pale in comparison to all those who had died. This is a terrible confession but an honest one about the horrors of grieving. 

It's been 11 years. and each of these dates bring too much sadness into my daily life.  It's time to create new memories and a purposeful gift to someone else. So this Quilt of Valor in my sewing room has been born today. Here's another quirky fact...the pattern I have chosen takes 9 red fat quarters and 11 blue ones.  This is meant to be.


  1. Simple: I'm So Proud of You!


  2. What a generous and lovely project. The quilts you've shared inspire me to start again and give them to others. Blogs are fascinating. So often we "meet" people we would like to know. Take care. Thanks for your blog. I will spread the word!

    1. I'm so excited hear that you are starting up again. Please share the Quilts of Valor website They can even help people team up having one person piece the top and another quilt it on a long arm. Keep me posted on your progress. Blessing to you!

  3. This such a heart-rendering post. I am catching up with many posts on this blog. Family issues have kept me from being a good follower. Keep up the good work. You've lit a fire under me! Thank you.

  4. It it I who has to thank YOU. I totally understand the family issue diversion, but the fact that you returned even with all that loaded on your back, brings me such warmth and acceptance. I wish you the best. Hope to hear from you again. Blessings!

  5. Catching up with your posts after being away is quite a chore. It is pleasant and poignant. When you write about your son, or any of your children, it's hard not to identify and be grateful for the way you are able to put ideas and feelings onto paper. Thank for these posts. I always appreciate my children a little more when I read about your son. There are many ways to lose children but yours is the hardest. Readers can learn a lot from you.


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