Monday, January 21, 2013

A Successful life...because?

Imagine yourself 90 years old, sitting comfortably on a porch with a refreshing drink in your hand visiting with someone and you start out saying, “My life has been so successful because….

I really believe I have to give credit to my success in life to the fact that I never stopped learning.  Learning has allowed me to forge through problems, challenge myself, and question my beliefs as well as others.  Looking back at those low points in my life, they were the times when I was stuck in an old belief or habit and refused to see the situation differently.  Whether it was a tragic loss, financial setback, or a physical disability, I failed (or wasn’t successful) when I couldn’t see it as a time to learn something new.

What more important element could there be to success than the ability to learn?  One thing is for sure, failure in a project, relationship, or any endeavor can still be successful if you’ve learned something from it. How cool – I was successful even when I failed. What a safety net!

In my life of ninety years (of course I can only remember the first 60 years of it) I have learned that...

  • the loss of my parents in my 20's didn't mean I quit learning from them.

  • losing a child (although everyone believes that will be the end of them, too) can make you live your life to its fullest a the strongest tribute to his memory.

  • choosing to let go of a tiny piece of myself does not change who I am but gives me the opportunity to let myself grow a different way.  I may had to let go of what was left of my residual hearing when I received these cochlear implants, but it opened doors for me to communicate more with those around me.

  • whatever decisions I've had to make in life, I found new pathways that allowed me to learn more.

At ninety years old, whether I have 10 years or one day, I’m going to learn something everyday.  I recently read a now to be a forever favorite quote…”We meet everyone in our lives for a reason. You are either a blessing or a lesson.”   What will you be, dearie?

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