Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hearing Loss Poetry II


     A distant chirp jars
my mind to the unforgettable companion
living in my head.
A multi-personality ogre whose chirp
evolves into an
electronic Highlander's
then crashes
          dead silent.
A turn of my head and the left side of my brain
                           takes over
belting out a staccato succession
                                                     of beeps and buzzes,
lined up,
The omnipotent high-pitched scream
                          forever loyal,
never leaves my thoughts,
as I pound out the day
wondering if the noises I'm missing
outside my head are as boisterous as those within.


  1. Suzanne, I've read this poem a dozen times. The idea of having an affliction that you can never get away from and has a mind of it's own is terrible. I feel I've gotten to know you and it hurts to know you are dealing with this. I know you continue to look into everything possible for relief. Sometimes it seems that you must try and outsmart it - such as not moving your head a certain way or not being in places that provoke an episode. The "multi-personality ogre" and the "electronic Highlander" give me an idea. An aside is that I am half Scottish and grew up with boisterous and high-pitched living. You describe things that a person can relate to and get a better idea of what you are dealing with. I hope that this blog is giving a way to deal with getting to know people on your terms - in peace and quiet once in a while. I know it has made an incredible difference in my own life as I deal with some tough issues - physically and spiritual. e

  2. Oh you are so right! This blog is my quiet time and I'm getting in touch with lives far beyond my immediate reach. It has truly been a blessing. I think of you often as I see you making your way through your own struggles. Your strength speaks through your words.


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