Sunday, October 2, 2011

Children of Summer

It's October and my heart and mind is still focused on summer.

Ray Bradbury's style in Dandelion Wine inspired me to try his way with words. His beginning line to describe the great-grandmother character was that  "she had stuffed chickens, squabs, turkeys, men and boys." I loved that play with words. Here is my attempt.  I would love to hear how you would emulate his style.

In the heat of the summertime children will
paint sidewalk pictures,
make brownies, trouble, and
   obstacle courses for their two-wheeled, stream-lined racers; 
create "crafty" magnets, sibling battles, and 
    reasons not to clean their room; 
build new Lego cars, fortresses of blanket and pillow, and friendships; 
chase rabbits, dreams, or imaginary monsters; 
giggle through the slumber party nights; and 
 "That's not fair!"
 "Are we almost there?" and
 "Mom, I'm bored! There's nothing to do!"


  1. “Mom, there’s nothing to do.” She answered back, “Here’s a popsicle. Go lay under the ash tree and look up.” She always said that.

    Lying there, a cool blue sky. One leaf falls and it’s yellow. Time is wasting.

    Store signs advertising back to school supplies. Nauseating anticipation but lots of new books!

    Playing school in the front yard with my whistle and clipboard. Talking to my imaginary students. I am so important! “Get in line, boys and girls!”

    Standing on the toilet looking out the bathroom window. The older kids playing after dark. I hate them. They are wonderful.

    I hug my Madame Alexander doll. The other girls don’t have one. Ha, ha. Neener-neener. I could share.

  2. This is fantastic. I meant to get back to it. I haven't felt very inspired to look back or to put current things into words. I hope you'll give another "assignment" very soon! It can inspire people. Perhaps, once a teacher, always a teacher.


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