Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thinking Time

Wow! I have really been gone a long time!  I have been finishing a basement, but it would be better to say that I have been my husband's go-fer while he finished the basement. Then I started a writing class to see if I could make a better routine of my writing. What kind of sense does it make to say that I haven't been blogging because I have been writing !?!? Enough excuses....

Here is an interesting thought...Under what circumstances do you do your best thinking?
         I have seen so many changes over the years in my thinking process.  Years of traveling for 20 plus minutes to and from school, I know that was my best time to think. Still, my best thinking really does happen when I’ m in the car, alone, no radio or music and the thoughts begin to flow. I have created excellent lesson plans, stories, and arguments in the car. Driving home it gives me a “down-time” to re-group, plan the rest of the evening, what to fix for dinner, what pattern or quilt problem can be resolved,
        After retiring, and having all this time on my hands, I find that I cannot think creatively, logically or any -ly. I couldn’t figure it out. I do not have that kind of driving time any more, and it is becoming more difficult to think clearly - age?  Maybe in part, but I don’t think I have the other distraction time anymore - least ways, not one I create. Now the TV is always on and the up and down to and from TV to computer keeps me from thinking much at all. Too much input and never enough output. It even seems to affect my speech.
       I recently took a long drive home to see the changing leaves before they were all gone. I thought the drive would be me some good thinking time. It worked before, so why not now? As it turned out, I found myself just taking in the scenery.  Maybe that's all I needed.
       I also thought that I could discover good thinking time while I painted the stairwell and the stairs to the basement.  It was such an unpleasant chore (never liked painting...too much prep) that all I could chisel out of my brain was "Where did I put the ibuprofen and should I schedule a massage?"
        Trying to pick up on  writing my roots (genealogical creative non-fiction) has pretty much stalled in my head. I want to create a writing routine, but it just isn't happening. Then again, maybe its time to "do" and let the "thinking' just be.


  1. I am not allowed to think! Had an e-mail from one of my children. They were talking about one of my "moods". The other replied, "Mom must be thinking again." Actually, I do better sometimes as a "human doing". Being interested in other people is something I must practice. At times, I worry very much about what others think. Invariably, I most often find they are simply thinking about themselves! Seriously, I "think" a problem these days is that people become isolated and especially after retirement can get into a self-imposed seclusion. I find that asking around the neighborhood if some gals want to walk together in the mornings or start a book club is a great way to engage. I took the "ding" message notification off my computer so that I don't run over when an e-mail comes in. So often it was disgusting spam. Yuk. So happy that your blog is up and running again!

  2. Thinking in the shower is always good. Many times I get out, start drying off and realize I haven't washed the soap out of my hair. Sometimes, I am composing what to say to someone who needs a good talking to. Some of these are people I haven't seen for years. Pitiful. Let go! Doing this one morning, the nozzle fell off the bracket and hit me in the head. I took it as a sign from God to "be nice". I saw a wonderful gadget in Sharper Image - a waterproof whiteboard and a pen to hang on the wall for writing things down. Like you, I've given many a lecture that could be given only by a worldly and clever genius. You could keep a tape recorder in the car. Regarding genealogy, it comes and goes in my life. I am really into it but get very intense and then stop for and put it aside. Sometimes, I want to find out the sweet things and sometimes, the dirt. I hit roadblocks or family stories are so tinged with bias and grudges that I give up for a while. I always go back. I have several relatives who are obsessed with finding out we are related to royalty or that the past is full of political intrigue. One tries to sort out reincarnation beliefs. Your writing about your roots is very thoughtful and compassionate but also very amusing. Welcome back.

  3. I remember my dad telling me that the shower is the best place to cry. I like it as your thinking place. How ingenious...a waterproof whiteboard?!
    As for for your genealogy journey, I can so relate. I'm about to post a new family story that stems from just a tiny seed of grandfather had a sister who drowned before he was born. That's all I knew. SO I invented the rest. It's far more satisfying that digging through pasts that seemed to be invented to impress rather than record truths. The story is far from amusing but it was one I so related to, that I had to create it. I so appreciate your warm words of encouragement. Thank you! ~ Suzanne


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