Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Boy’s Dreams on Linen

I had such in-depth and poignant comments posted on the story about my dad, that I thought it was time to share the only little boy picture I have of him. While my mother was the true artist, and my sister has followed suit, Max had a hidden talent for drawing that showed up at a very early age. He just never had the desire to overshadow Mom's talents, so we never heard about them. I think I was in college when I came across three pieces of linen with pictures drawn in crayola. Dad told me that he had drawn them at school when he was about 11 years old.  I marveled at the detail and depth he created on those linen pieces. I think the picture of him was when he was about seven or eight, close to the time of his father's death.

The teacher tapes the flaxen linen to his desk and walks away.
Borders stretched to the edge of the school desk.
He lines up the crayons
Like waxen soldiers awaiting
The call to arms.
His head dances with his dead daddy’s dreams
Of the Copeland Street castle,
Erased by a heart’s explosion.
Fearing the stark blank linen,
He squeezes his eyes shut
Like a vice on steel, bursting
Color behind the eyelids.
Muted blues and greens
Cool the burning fires in his brain and
The wishes, dreams and delights of a faraway place appear.
Now he can see.
He picks up the patient blue
Soldier and draws.
Smooth stones line the path to a cottage in the
Linen’s left corner.


  1. Somehow, I missed this one. It is bittersweet, whether your dad's artwork and picture were made before or after his father passing away and the long, sometimes tough, journey he would embark upon. Bless your family, then and now.

  2. I, too, missed this. What a lovely keepsake photograph of your father - so full of life and innocence. His drawing is without inhibition, it seems. I've always believed that there are many artists who are squashed and told to do something more practical with their lives when they were children. This isn't what you said about your dad and his talent but that perhaps he deferred to your mother's incredible talent. It says so much about him and their marriage. A love story. I'm sorry I missed this. I wouldn't want you to think I simply cared not to comment about your taking the time for this blog. I enjoy it so much.

  3. No wonder you missed it! Sorry, that my non-techie skills are showing. I had drafted this a few days ago and then when I posted it, it still had the draft date on it, and posted below the others. Thank you for your right-on comments. When I discovered what incredible talent he had, and never showed it,I knew it was because of his unselfish love for her. What a path to try to follow! Working on it though. I am away from home for a week, following my hubby on a golfing vacation in AZ. I may try to post from here but please know my absence is not an intentional break from you. ~Suzanne

  4. Safe trip. Will look forward to posts during the holidays. E


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