Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My sweet sister had to remind me that I had not posted my latest "Love Letter" to my dear husband. Here it is now. I wonder what you would consider your symbol of love with a dear one in your life.

Since that moment at your mom’s kitchen table, 
when you slipped your grandmother’s engagement ring on my finger, 
you have adorned my hands with your love.  
We have shared a band of gold that links us forever together. 
Other decorations may have been added, 
always with a deep affection and purpose; 
but, all the silver and gold pales to the real treasures --
 our hands. 
 You have wrestled pigs, water pipes, and babies with those hands;
 reaching for reassuring hugs and bonding handshakes.
 My hands have stripped wires, gears, and mud-caked children for baths; 
patched quilts, and broken hearts. 
We have had our share of
 holding on to angry cats, posthole diggers, horse-thrown toddlers, 
and each other.  
Together we have 
stroked cheeks in love, wiped away tears of grief, and patted backs with praise. 
Whether it is a gentle squeeze, entwined fingers, or linked pinkies, 
our hands will be our symbol 
 our shared life, 
our undying love
 for each other.


  1. How lovely of your sister to remember and suggest that you include this piece on your blog. She must be a sweet person. How also lovely to even have a sister. My husband and I hold hands each evening while we watch television or listen to music and read. Rather than having a table in between our comfy chairs, we removed it so that our chairs are next to each other. Other holding hands stories are those we have while rocking babies to sleep, long ago. Thank you today for your sharing this.

  2. Just ask Kiki Dee, Cher, Aretha Franklin, Linda Ronstadt or Betty Everett (may have sung the original).

    Whoa oh oh, kiss him and squeeze him tight
    And find out what you wanna know oh oh oh
    If it's love, if it really is
    It's there in his kiss

    Shoop, Shoop. Even a peck on the cheek will do!
    Holding hands is forever though. Sweet picture.

  3. This is perfect. "Our Hands" says things that most of us can't put into a few well-chosen words. So, I'll tag on to your story. I love my gold band from our wedding day. I once heard: "I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my fingers." (I think it was in the original Silver Palette cookbook.) Diamonds are nice and I have some family pieces. Hands do tell a story. My husband has the nicest hands I've ever seen. He's an engineer and works with very detailed things. On the other hand (ha ha) he has built little bird houses and cages for suet but also a new staircase to our loft. Our son is sometimes fragile and my husband cares for him in the most gentle ways. I realize when I read "Our Hands" that I can visualize the hands of almost every person I know. Are hands as unique as our faces? A couple of months ago, we removed a stump from our yard and I was amazed at how two sets of hands are better than one! I tried for many days to dig it out myself. I don't believe that I have ever felt something more caring and safe than having a tear wiped away by someone who cares. I do like Shoop Shoop song, too.

  4. Thank you for your comment on my older post on mourning and the link to your blog. I sense we have much in common. I'm only mildly intimidated by your history as an English teacher - so was my mother! I love to write, love journalling, must admit I'm not as sharp on the proper way to put together sentences as I once was. But it is definitely the way to get to the bottom of one's true feelings and beliefs, a way to navigate life's ups and downs. And with the advent of blogs, I find it also helpful to read what others think and feel, sometimes just to realize I'm not alone and other times for a jarring different point of view.

  5. Idaho Beauty - Suzanne, the English teacher, is very easy on us! A frustrated writer all my life, letting go of my ego here was great. I'm doing more writing than I've done in many years. The real bonus is to make new friends within this forum most of us never dreamed of when we were young women. I did well to be able to use the telephone as a teenager living within a large family. I've found that while I got onto this blog to process grief, I have found much more - laughter and balance - that it's all right to live and be happy, even during tough times. My work is with others going through life changes, yet I found my well had run dry. Not uncommon.

  6. Beautifully said, Elise, and thank you for such kudos. I send them back to you recognizing the inherent need women have to connect to other women.
    And, Idaho Beauty, thank you for visiting. I think we are going to learn a lot from each other, as I have with every beautiful soul that comments here. I sometimes find that the amount of writing I have committed to is taking away from my quilting, my reading...uhm, my house cleaning? You are showing a wonderful balance that I hope to achieve. ~Suzanne


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