Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lessons in Beth’s Quilt

Last month I had the complete joy in making something for someone in my family. Although I used the excuse that it was a belated birthday present, it was really a "just because, it's completely right for her now." Beth and her mother were overjoyed that I sent it, and while their precious and heartfelt kudos were treasures, I seem to relish the joy of making something just right for a dear one. While I was  making this quilt, I kept thinking how parallel the process was to living our lives. I sent her this message along with the quilt.
    I hope you can enjoy this metaphor and maybe find something in you life that so closely resembles how you manage to make the steps in your own journey. I'd love to hear how you created such a parallel.

You do the best you can,
 even if you really don’t know
 how it’s all going to turn out.
The pieces are put together as neatly as possible, 
but sometimes not everything lines up just right.
Even with the best instructions and the best of intentions, 
mistakes are made. 
Sometimes there are errors in judgment.
There may be a few kinks,
 but you have to press on and finish the job.
It’s a labor of love worthy of tender loving care.
Try not to look at the little mistakes and
 take in the overall beauty as a whole.
We never know how long it will last,
 but it’s worth bringing joy for the time we have it.

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  1. Your niece is certainly fortunate to have you in her corner. Isn't the new thinking in quilting easier on corners? I hope so! Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt. You really have an eye for color.


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