Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks

       This is the week for gratitude and thankfulness. I have been so amazed at the wonderful contributions everyone posts on this fledgling blog. Even with this small community which I don't think has mushroomed beyond the multitude of maybe a dozen, have I felt such emotion, validation, spirit, soul, and yes even love. I sometime fear that I write about death and sadness so much more than the uplifting topics, but I do gain strength though those entries.  Then I am embraced by the insight and interpretation that you bring to the posts . It enhances, strengthens and sheds new light on perspectives I never dreamed were part of my initial post. Life is so multifaceted, yet at the same time we are finding such commonality, reading, and sharing with each other. I really do believe that we humans are programmed to make opportunities to communicate and to connect to one another. We are not a rock, not an island as the old song claims.
      You hear people damning the new technology as the bane that keeps us from connecting to other people. I agree that there have been more than a few times I have been at a table of friends each set of eyes  locked onto their smartphones instead of talking to the person across from them. It is a bit comical and when we realize what we are doing, we laugh and pick up a new new conversation with each other. Some will say that is not the case with the typical morose teenager, but hey, we were just as non-communicative at that age, too; and we didn't have the added technology. I guess I'm saying here that I have faith that they, too will discover that inward need to connect.
       I hope each of you are able to spend at least a small time with a loved one during this week, and experience a renewed connection.  I also want to encourage you to possibly pick up a tried and true habit of writing down 5 things you are grateful for every night. It doesn't have to be big stuff, and actually you may find that something as little as being grateful for a silent wink across the table is pretty precious. I know I am grateful for each of you and the wisdom you bring to me. Blessings to you all this Thanksgiving.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and thank you for this wonderful blog. Be safe.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, with joy about your blog. It is generous and brave to share. Last summer when I was ill, it was a God-send and all these months later, it still is! Missing people alive and those gone, I couldn’t sleep. I decided to work on my genealogy. I found pictures that took my breath away of my great-great grandparents. I had many stories about these people but could only imagine how they looked. In the midst of the hardships, and successes, I know they had, they looked so proud, regal in a way. I see this in most everyone’s ancestors, especially agrarian, even after some moved into the cities. I knew my two great-grandmothers. The pictures didn’t lie. They were dear women – not perfect. They survived tough times. Genealogy has taught me that people who maintain a sense of self and gratitude are the people I want to be like. My favorite aunt whose picture I use for a while on blogs said two things I remember. First, “Don’t get to be my age, sitting here, and not be able to go back and do things over.” They struggled growing up during the depression (New York City people) but my aunt said, “If we had a potato, a grapefruit and deck of cards, we could have a party!” Today, we are having people for Thanksgiving who have no place to go. Some I’ve never met. It will be interesting. The first thing I’ll do is make the old gratitude list and then, look around the table and be thankful for what is, not what I would like it to be. We are of like mind in so many things. Thank you for doing this blog. Be safe and I hope you have lots of those winks today. I will say a special prayer for your son you will miss so much today. The way you so freely share about Chris has made me treasure and go the extra distance for my children, even when it seems hopeless. I am the mother and need to lead the way with love and dignity – and fun! I have no doubt you do the same. God Bless you, Suzanne.

  3. Your blog seems to intuitively carry messages that hit home. Even while it is Thanksgiving and the hustle and bustle of the season, these messages are timely all year long. Blessings to you. I couldn't agree more that family is everything. Even those who aren't close to their families for many reasons, the basic desire to be part of them makes us better and hopeful, and grace filled people. Like you, I wish for others to have affection in their lives. Yes, renewed connections would be a miracle for some in estranged families. You write so lovingly about yours. You are blessed. Many thanks for your blog.

  4. Good suggestion about the winks. It worked several times and winks back were more delicious than pie. Winks make good vibes in a house.

  5. As the weekend rolls on, your blog post before Thanksgiving was a dear way to put some thoughts and goals into focus - remembering again that people are more similar than different. You have so much to offer on this forum with your diverse interests and philosophies. I read many blogs but don't write on most. Yours is still, "When the heart speaks, the heart listens." Very down to earth and not pretentious. All of my plans and preparation for Christmas came to an end this weekend due to my son having yet another medical issue on top of his health problems. Yet, what can I do except be grateful I have him and that he needs me to be cheery and smart? "...to be grateful in all circumstances..." I make that gratitude list you do (and that I forget) of simply the blessings and resources I have to make his life more comfortable. All is well. I can take calls from clients and be of some use at a distance. I can bless the beastly technology there! And, I can follow my blogging friends! Thank you. Blessings. - E


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